JUST KABBADI                                                                                                              

It all started with a thought to nurture our rural sport kabaddi, making Just Kabbadi as the most favorite and viable career option for our young talents across the country.
Just Kabaddi is the most commendable initiative by JUST KABADDI DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY. Since the inception of Just Kabaddi in 2015, It has started gaining footholds season by season among urban India motivating our young generation.
 It offers a unique team franchisee model to Indian sport Kabaddi. Just kabaddi development society and Devils group have passionately worked towards the upliftment of rural sport kabaddi to the Global standards giving it new dimensions.Just kabbadi Development society has worked hard and paved path to groom young bright talents of India. Whereas Kabbadi was yet to gain footholds in different parts of India, now our young players are looking forward to opt Just kabbadi sport as favorite career option.
Just Kabbadi has successfully completed 3 Seasons so far. Now we all will witness India’s new talent and our super stars from previous seasons standing toe to toe at Just Kabaddi Season 4.  Battle ground for Just kabaddi is ready with the players to prove their mettle on the mat.


JUST KABBADI DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY                                                                          

Just Kabaddi Development society has aimed for women empowerment and gender equality through sports. It has kept equal winning price for women and Men’s team aiming gender equality. Just Kabaddi is one of the most fascinating sport among rural sports and is catching up at a fast pace.
Just kabaddi Development Society has come up with a slogan of “Beti Bacho – Beti aage badhao” promoting women sport kabaddi in country. Talent has no gender and no religion, which has been rightly implemented in sport kabaddi by our society.